Comic by Alex Baladi

Frankenstein Encore

28' Belgium Switzerland, 2009

Two young women out on a late-night walk find an odd discarded copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in a cardboard box.

Adeline Rosentein
Strike Lucicky
Roger De Moerloose
Isabelle Nouzha
Géraldine Schenkel
Dominik Guth
Alex Baladi

Director Isabelle Nouzha & Alex Baladi
DOP Rachel Simoni, Dominik Guth, Isabelle Nouzha
Sound  Denis Rollet &  Anouschka Troker
Editor Dominik Guth, Isabelle Nouzha
Sound editor Dominik Guth
Music Géraldine Schenkel
Production Goûter Raté & PBC Pictures sprl
Distribution La vidéothèque nomade

Frankenstein encore is an adaptation from the eponym comic book Frankenstein encore et toujours, by Baladi (Atrabile 2000). 
Frankenstein now and forever, (Typocrat, 2005)
Prix Rodolphe Töpffer 2000
Born in 1969, Alex Baladi lives between Berlin and Geneva. He is one of Switzerland's most eclectic and prolific cartoonists. Author of over 60 books, he is as much at home with his own stories and experiments as with literary adaptations. Guest of honor at the 2019 BDFIL festival in Lausanne, he published an adaptation of the sequel to Baroness Isabelle de Montolieu's Swiss Robinson the same year. Equally renowned for his love of performances and the broad sharing of drawn narrative, he is, along with Ibn Al Rabin, Andréas Kündig and Yves Levasseur, one of the founders of "La Fabrique de Fanzines".