Frankenstein Encore

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Frankenstein Encore


16 mm & Digital




Two young women out on a late-night walk find an odd discarded copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in a cardboard box.


Adeline Rosentein

Strike Lucicky

Roger De Moerloose

Isabelle Nouzha

Géraldine Schenkel

Dominik Guth

Alex Baladi


Director Isabelle Nouzha & Alex Baladi

DOP Rachel Simoni, Dominik Guth, Isabelle Nouzha

Sound  Denis Rollet &  Anouschka Troker

Editor Dominik Guth, Isabelle Nouzha

Sound editor Dominik Guth

Music Géraldine Schenkel

Production Goûter Raté & PBC Pictures sprl

Distribution La vidéothèque nomade

Frankenstein encore is an adaptation from the eponym comic book Frankenstein encore et toujours,  by Baladi. 

About Alex Baladi

Alex Baladi was born in 1969 in French-speaking Switzerland. The first comic he published in 1992 was followed by some 60 others, all from various independent publishers such as Atoz, La Cafetière, Atrabile, l’Association, the Hoochie Coochie, B.ü.L.b. comix, Drozophile, Groinge, Mosquito, Les Requins Marteaux ou 6 Pieds sous terre, etc.
He is a founding member of la Fabrique de fanzines and a member of the Swiss section of OuBaPo. He has co-directed two animated films with filmmaker Isabelle Nouzha and has co-signed a comic strip version of his documentary play “Décris-ravage” with playwright Adeline Rosenstein.
In September 2019, he was guest of honor at the comic book festival BDFIL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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